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Let us Assist with your Feasibility Study and Financials A critical step in the development of any project is understanding the business environment one is about to undertake. Thus, the preparation of a feasibility study can be of paramount importance in the early and later stages of company’s growth. Our Principals at Market Feasibility Network (MFN) are seasoned veterans in preparing and writing Feasibility Studies. Our team at MFN has decades of success assisting companies of all sizes with their business development needs. In addition, we prepare in-depth financial spreadsheets needed for a comprehensive feasibility study. Reach out to us for a free feasibility consultation.

Why Write a Feasibility Study?

A feasibility study is conducted prior to a project’s undertaking. Principals of companies and their investors want to ensure that any given project they plan on developing is actually “feasible”, and preparing a study showing this feasibility is the main point of writing such a report (which of course will help save needed capital and time in the long run). A feasibility study includes such vital information and data as the funding needs to complete the project, the market opportunity, government regulations, risk factors, strength and weaknesses, the management team and the financials of the company. While a feasibility study somewhat sounds like a business plan, such reports tend to be many times longer with more details on the market and financials.

Where We Operate

MFN has teams and individuals in various global financial hubs. Headquartered in New York, with help on the ground in many countries, we have a keen insight and broad reach when conducting research for feasibility studies. We always strive to deliver high-caliber feasibility reports for clients across the globe. From New York to Hong Kong, from the United Kingdom to the Cayman Islands, from Singapore to Seattle: MFN delivers. Our Principals produce reliable business plan documentation that yields profitable results across all major industry sectors.

Various Types of Feasibility Study Reports and How to Write Them

MFN’s team can assist with any of the noted feasibility studies below. Each separate study has its own features but there are more similarities among them than there are differences.

4 Main Feasibility Studies

  • Real Estate Feasibility – This is the most common feasibility study that we at MFN write. Real estate feasibility reports include such features as the land survey, building permits, zoning laws, impact on the surrounding environment and natural habits, traffic issues and general impact on businesses in the area as well as the overall market opportunity. Housing developments such as condos, single family homes and apartments, or larger projects such as hotels or buildings or sky scrapers often create real estate feasibility studies before land acquisition and development.
  • Comprehensive Feasibility– A comprehensive feasibility study is an all-inclusive report that takes into consideration some of the most rational business practices one should implement before undertaking any project. The comprehensive feasibility includes data on land acquisitions and real estate issues, economic and cultural impact on the greater surrounding areas, and more. Such comprehensive studies can be found in our business plan features (if a client wants a very long and detailed analysis). The comprehensive feasibility study is also referenced in the real estate feasibility study (see above) and together with the real estate report is the most popular feasibility study we offer.
  • Financial Economic Feasibility– An economic feasibility study is conducted when a company wants to know if the proposed amount of capital and financing is sufficient to complete a project successfully. While a business plan may have a section called the “CBA” or cost-benefit-analysis, in an economic feasibility study it will be greater in detail and have more statistics and numbers in the financials.
  • Marketing Feasibility– The marketing feasibility studies the market impact and penetration, such as the demographics, target market, product testing and more. Prior to launching a project into the market, whether in a local, regional, national or global environment, a viable study on the market is imperative.

cropped-favicon.jpgFeasibility Characteristics

Our team at the Market Feasibility Network (MFN) writes feasibility reports on a daily basis for a wide variety of companies offering an even wider array of products and services. Many ask us how to write a feasibility study and if it’s possible for one to do so without employing (or paying really) an outside party for assistance. The short answer is yes.

The first step in writing a feasibility study report is to identify the project or product at hand. We have a 10 step process on how to write a feasibility study. READ MORE HERE


What is a Feasibility Study?

A feasibility study is an analysis regarding the viability of a project’s successful development. A feasibility report is conducted prior to undertaking a venture such as real estate development or construction project. The owners of the business along with the potential investors or banks will want to ensure that the venture is actually “feasible”. Thus, the usage of a feasibility study is the main document used in this assessment. A feasibility report can help save needed capital, including whether to determine to end a project or even start one.  The study includes such vital information and data as the funding needs to complete the project, the market opportunity, government regulations, risk factors, strengths and weaknesses, management team profiles and the financials of the company. While a feasibility study somewhat sounds like a business plan, such reports tend to be many times longer with more details on the market and and emphasis on the financials. Our team members at MFN are experts in research and can assist in the writing of your company’s feasibility study.


A Feasibility Study should accomplish the following objectives:

  • Convey your message and your company’s business opportunity in a clear and concise manner.
  • Showcase your intellectual property (“IP”) and unique product or service offerings.
  • Highlight your team’s leadership capabilities and relevant experience in your industry.
  • Detail your company’s current and future business plans and strategies.
  • Show that the product or project is viable via the feasibility report.
  • Discuss your exit strategy and quantify the investor’s return on investment./li>

What MFN Offers for Real Estate Feasibility Studies:

MFN’s team can assist with virtually any real estate feasibility study analysis or just assist with a general real estate project, no matter the location. We have teams and relationships in most states in the US and in a plethora of countries, allowing us to service our clients in more suitable and affordable method.

In addition to the commercial and residential services noted above, we also assist with general real estate consulting. Each aspect of the feasibility study – and there are many – can be broken into separate studies and sections, and act as a standalone guide for that particular need. Whether you require an entire feasibility study or just a portion, or need help with just one aspect, we can help. Here is an abbreviated list of our real estate consulting services.

  • Assistance with Development Location and Project Site Decision
  • Market Analysis of the Project’s Location
  • Competitive Analysis of Existing or Similar Developments
  • Site and Location Analysis
  • Neighborhood Survey, Traffic, Demographics, Income, etc.
  • Surveys of the Land
  • Project Concept Development
  • Financial Projections, Budgets,
  • Marketing Strategies Development

There are many variations as well for real estate feasibility studies and one size do not, in fact, fit all. Contact us for free consultation.



A Diverse and Global Team:

MFN – or the Market Feasibility Network – is the global leader in feasibility study development. With over 5,000 projects, our experienced team of consultants assists companies with their feasibility needs.

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